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Dee Snider

For The Love Of Metal

Napalm Records

When I first heard Dee Snider was releasing a new album I wasn’t sure what to expect. Between his days in Twisted Sister and his various projects since Dee is capable of many great things. Then when I started hearing clips from this album, it Fucking blew my mind! I first heard “Tomorrow’s No Concern”. It was like someone put a grenade in my chest and it just explodes. I had to take a step back and remind myself that this was Dee Snider, because it was so fucking heavy, but Dee rips this tune. The next track I heard was “Become The Storm”, which has this powerful hook that just grabs you and ride that tune. Track after track this album just better and better. Add the fact that Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed had his hands in this album just elevates the cool factor. With all the great music Dee has done over the years For The Love Of Metal is right there at the top. This album is my choice for album of the year!



The Evil


Osmose Productions

The Evil have a very heavy Doom Metal sound. Like a warm blanket of sound and emotion. Where the music is so deep, dark and gritty and starts dragging you down to Hell and then the vocals of Miss Aileen are so clean and haunting. Their music is like a pleasant nightmare. It scares you to death, but you just want more. When doing reviews you tend to think of what band or bands the band you are listening to reminds you of and yes if try hard enough you’ll find influences, but The Evil really stands on their own as a great Doom Metal band. Great Fucking album.